What are some really great sexy drinking games?

Answer strip monopoly, guaranteed 6+ hours of inebriation and nakedness, followed by shame and regret.

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What are some GOOD and BAD things about drinking COFFEE?

One benefit of drinking a daily cup of coffee is improved mental performance. Coffee helps improve alertness, attention and wakefulness that can actually improve mental and work performance. Groggy... Read More »

Good drinking games for girls/boys?

beer pong spin the bottle xDCategories (sit in a circle and someone start by saying a category like colors. S/He then says one exm Orange then the person to the left says another and on and until s... Read More »

What are some good games for children?

Duck duck GooseRed Rover Red RoverWho stole the cookie from the cookie jarMusical chairs

Can someone name a cheap drink that will get me drunk quick and if possible some easy drinking games?

I know this question! My advice is to drink vodka straight, to get you drunk quickly. Not, whiskey, or tequila. Tequila is a temperamental alcohol. Sometimes, it will, sometimes, it wont. Vodka is ... Read More »