Good drinking games for girls/boys?

Answer beer pong spin the bottle xDCategories (sit in a circle and someone start by saying a category like colors. S/He then says one exm Orange then the person to the left says another and on and until s... Read More »

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What are the best drinking games?

Do you play any drinking games?

Does playing strip polker, while drinking, count?

Fun party drinking games?

i have neverr is a good drinking game someone says something likee... i have never kissed a boy... and who ever has drinks who ever hasnt doesnt and it goes around in a circle

Fun Drinking Games For Couples?

Okay so this is the rules for the drinking game called cardee macdennis. It is usually played with four but i'm suer you can adjust it to just two people. It is very intense so if you and you're bo... Read More »