What are some good YouTube names?

Answer Personally I have found out the easiest names to remember on YouTube (and I have been on YouTube for a very long time) are the simple ones. I recommend Mr or Mrs and then a word that descirbes your... Read More »

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What are some good boy and girl names?

I like Zach, troy, and dante for girls i like kim, Jennifer,and Hannah Well those are all decent naems but I prefer the following :(boys names)Pheonix,Jakeb,Jake,and Edward.For girls I like:Scarle... Read More »

What are some good Tumblr names I could use?

Well it depends what kind of blog you are. But in general, you can take something from things you like. For example, maybe lyrics from your favorite song. Or a quote from a tv show. Or even just an... Read More »

What are some good names for a reality tv show?

I have always favored the macabre "All Perished But One". That would give applicants pause.

What are some good names for a pop culture radio show?