What are good groove metal bands?

Answer Gojira's kinda groove metal. They're like Pantera on steroids.

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What are some good Folk Metal bands?

Krampus…Metsatöll…Korpiklaani…Ensiferum Read More »

What are some good heavy metal bands?

Finntroll is pretty good, Slayer is a must, Deftones (heavy Alt rock band), Tool (more progressive metal), Rammstein.sorry i mostly listen to grunge, punk and alt but i hope this helped. also slipk... Read More »

Good heavy metal bands?

easy if you have spotify which I would recommend you can click on related artists. on Pandora you can do a metallica radio station and check out the other bands. you could also look at the line... Read More »

Looking for some more good heavy metal bands, ones not so well known please?

Primal FearGrand MagusPriestessSahgShrinebuilderUfomammutNebulaCorrosion of ConformityMeshuggahMastodonIsis