Where are some fun places to go on dates in Atlanta?

Answer These are all the best places to visit, during the day, or the night! -Alliance Theatre-Atlanta Botanical Garden-Atlanta Braves and Turner Field-Atlanta's Eclectic Neighborhoods-Atlanta Falcons at ... Read More »

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Is :"Remember Sunday" movie some kind of remake of "50 first dates'?

What are some good or some of your favorite Warner Brothers movies?

Warner Bros. AnimationI provided a link to the wikipedia page with the list of animated movies produced by Warner Brothers

What are some good excersizes to lose some weight and belly fat?

Low-level cardio is good for burning fat. Walking, biking, rowing, something that will increase your heartrate no more than 65% than your resting rate (typically 120-125 for 20-30 yr olds). Unfort... Read More »

How long after the expiration dates are soft drinks still good?

Soft drinks in plastic bottles are often good for three months after their expiration date if the bottles are unopened. Prolonged storage can negatively affect the quality and taste of the soft dri... Read More »