What are some good colognes for men, looking for a female opinion.?

Answer I love USHER Eau De Toilette Spray Spicy and romantic! Usher is a very good smelling cologne - to me, it smells pretty fruity... sort of like pineapple/bubblegum or like the gum... Read More »

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Chicks can i get a female opinion?

How to Layer Colognes?

Layering your colognes is an easy way to experiment with different perfumes and create your own custom scent. There are few hard-and-fast rules for layering colognes; the most important guideline i... Read More »

The Best Seductive Colognes?

Although the word "cologne" -- short for "eau de cologne" -- simply refers to an essential oil scent concentration between 2 and 5 percent, colognes are typically marketed to men rather than women,... Read More »

Why Is Alcohol Used in Colognes?

Colognes are mixtures of scents, water and alcohol. In the Ottoman Empire cologne makers used alcohol made from the fermentation of sugary fruits or grains. Today much of the alcohol used in the ma... Read More »