What are some good coffees to order for noob?

Answer if you're not into so much sugar,you should order black coffee,and add sugar to your desired taste,i would suggest you to go to your local "Specialty coffee shops",and ask for freshly ground coffee... Read More »

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What are some good things to order at a Russian Restaurant?

Appetizers: In a full course Russian meal, you would usually have both an appetizer course (with prepared salads and things like canapes) and a soup course. But ordering in a restaurant you'd prob... Read More »

I need to do some cutting. What type of "skillsaw" blade do I need to mount in order to cut some...?

I use a kanga hammer on those, you just have to keep chipping away at the edges until a crack appears and then you wedge something hard in as far as you can. Well, that's what I like to do most of ... Read More »

Building a pc for gaming. This is my first time and i'm kind of a noob with comp parts. Would setup be good?

Excellent build for $500Edit: "I have a compaq 5500y desktop, can i take the harddrive and dvd drive out and put them in my new computer?" - Yes, but you'll need to reinstall your operating system ... Read More »

What are some law and order svu episodes where the detectives go undercover?

Season 4, "Risk"Season 6, "Debt"Season 11, "Alien"- (my favorite!)Season 11, "Ace"Season 10, "Wildlife"Season 8, "Sin"