What are some good appetizers for a party?

Answer have a fondue party

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What are some good appetizers to have for a Christmas Eve party?

You want things that can be kept in a crock pot to keep them heated or served at room temperature. People will snack on the appetizers all night long, not just before dinner. Here are some of the t... Read More »

What are some cold, inexpensive and easy appetizers for pot luck birthday party for adults.?

Salsa Roll-Upsmix cream cheese with your fav salsa, spread on a large flour tortilla, roll tightly, and slice. You can add chopped black olives, peppers, almost anything. Make sure to drain any ing... Read More »

Poll what are 3 good appetizers for a football game party?

I have this steel armadillo-shaped tray with twelve 1-1/2" round holes in it for the oven. You first start with fresh jalapeno peppers and cut their tops off. Then you core out the seeds. Take a... Read More »

Good kid's pool party appetizers (BBQ)?

Fruit platters - hollow a watermelon and fill it with fruit. Make fruit kabobs with grapes/pineapple/peaches.Celery sticks dipped in PB and place a few raisins on PB - look like ants on a stickChi... Read More »