What are some good (and tasty and healthy) ways to eat a bulb of garlic a day?

Answer That is a lot of garlic to eat everyday! Instead, try a garlic supplement such as Garlice(gar-leek). You can get it and other garlic supplements at you local pharmacy or health food store.

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What are some ways to get healthy pink gums?

Answer Angle your bristles at a 45 degree angle to srub out the plague that causes gum disease. Floss. Keeping you gums clean will keep them healthy. Its the bacteria in plague that cause reddness ... Read More »

What are some healthy ways in which to relieve anxiety?

You have to be brave enough to find the will to examine the nature of the anxiety itself. It is only when these energies are present do we have a chance to realize what we have been understanding i... Read More »

What are some ways to eat healthy on a very tight budget?

Assuming that you don't have any food related allergies. I provided a few items that are pretty cheap, and oughta get you through the next two weeks. You can eat some carbs in the morning and not h... Read More »

What are some different but healthy ways to serve avocados to kids?

Try the Italian way by doing a Tricolore Ciabatta/Panini. It is called Tricolore as it represents the colours in the Italian flag.This is: Panini/Ciabatta Avocado Mozzarella Sun Dried TomatoesGrea... Read More »