What are some good Tumblr names I could use?

Answer Well it depends what kind of blog you are. But in general, you can take something from things you like. For example, maybe lyrics from your favorite song. Or a quote from a tv show. Or even just an... Read More »

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What are good tumblr names?

Help for tumblr names?

Hey!Here are some names:-- FashionxCheerleader--Glitter_Fashion-- Pink_Glitterx77-- OneDirection_Lover-- ItsAllTheSame_Puppies-- PinkxRainbow-- HairDresserxPinkIf you don't like the above names. Cl... Read More »

Help with tumblr names, anyone?

Hey!Here are few suggestions:-- Evil_Mermaid-- Evil_DoctorWho-- Evil_Pony-- Adorable_Evil_Killer-- DivingxLlama-- Adorable_Devil-- Imperfection_EvilIf you don't like the above suggestions, click on... Read More »

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