What are some good German food cuisine?

Answer In the German Food Cuisine the meats that are used are chicken, all kinds of poultry meats, beef and ham. Ham is used most widely and is the most sought after meat in Germany.

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What are some good England food cuisine?

HiI found a whole section of great English recipes here:…I am sure you could find some great recipes that you would like.Great recipes for fish and chips ... Read More »

What are some Hungarian food cuisine?

Egg noodles. Stuffed cabbage. Stews made with paprika - strogonoffs, paprikash, etc.

What are some Jamaican food cuisine?

There are a lot of great seafood recipes…

What are some flavours in Brazilian food cuisine?

Caruru, Dourado, Xinxim de galinha, Carangueijada, Feijoada, Barreado and Cozido are just some of the most famous dishes of Brazilian Food Cuisine. These dishes are all rich in flavors, meats and v... Read More »