What are some future ways of communicating besides talk and texting?

Answer brain transmitting cell phones.

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What are some fun things to talk about while texting?

Well, right now i'm making fun of my friend because she can't decide on what to leave as her voice mail message. She says it has to be "perfect..." Ha. You can talk about anything while texting...m... Read More »

Besides eggs, bacon and sausage, what are some ways to get protein for breakfast?

Really, there's no law. You can use any of the proteins you use at any other meal: fish, poultry, beef, etc. Nothing wrong with eating dinner leftovers - lean steak or PIZZA for breakfast, yum!If y... Read More »

What are some natural ways to lighten skin besides using lemon juice ?

Milk chocolate is better then white chocolate... just sayin.Why would you want to, how about being happy with who/what you are? If people don't see the beauty in you, then, that's their lossCheers =)

Besides closing my eyes and pretending there is no food, what are some ways to suppress appetite...?

Water and exercise. You need more water than you normally drink, because you aren't getting any water from food.The rest depends on what kind of "cleansing" you're doing. Is it one where you can ea... Read More »