What strange/funny things have you done...?

Answer Ugh, I do that almost every night. And my son is 10 months old, sleeps through the night, and I'm not sleep deprived! I've always been a weird sleeper, always talked in my sleep. Every since I h... Read More »

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Funny things on youtube?

here are a few...…………Check th... Read More »

Funny Things to Do With a Glass Eye?

The designing and fitting of artificial eyes is a specialized profession that requires patience, skill and a talent for matching eye color. "Funny" probably isn't your first thought when you think ... Read More »

Funny Things to Do on the First Day of School?

The first day of school at any level is one of socializing, getting to know your new surroundings and typically, very little work. Make the day memorable by doing a couple pranks and making jokes t... Read More »

How to Draw Funny Things?

Do you want to draw funny things, but don't know how? Don't feel bad, many people don't. So this'll show you how.