What are some funny quotes or something to put on my bebo page?

Answer -i called your boyfriend gay and he hit me with his purse-mirrors don't talk and lucky for you they don't laugh-not only do i fall down stairs i fall up them as well,now that takes talent-a friend ... Read More »

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What are some funny office episodes?

ALL OF THEM! But my favorite's still "Stress Relief."

What are some quotes from 'The Things They Carried'?

"By daylight they took sniper fire, at night they were mortared, but it was not battle, it was just the endless march, village to village, without purpose, nothing won or lost." Chapter 1 "On occa... Read More »

Some funny way to explain about post office box to nursery children?

Have them watch the post office scene from the "Grinch" with Jim Carrey.

What are some quotes from Ians walk written by Laurie Lears?

All children need to express themselves. There is no difference in a child who stutters/stammers and a child who does not. We should be good listeners and allow all children to learn to express the... Read More »