What are some funny pranks to pull on your sisters or brothers?

Answer Hmm good question i dont really know well i can tell you 2-----before bedtime put salt on their tooth brushes or pepper ..or before bedtime you can hide somewere in their room were they cant see yo... Read More »

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Vampires are fantastical creatures that remain a staple of human interest and fantasy. Give friends and family members a good scare on Halloween by playing vampire fang-related pranks. As these ide... Read More »

How to Pull off Some Cool Pranks?

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How to Pull off Some Pranks at School and Home?

Pranking can be a fun hobby for kids, and sometimes even adults. There is nothing wrong with it if it does not hurt someone's feelings, but if it does, accident or not, you should always apologize.... Read More »

How to Do Some Funny Pranks on Roblox?

Many fun pranks can be played on roblox. From making someone disappear to loopkilling!!