What are some fun websites for a 13 year older?

Answer www.gaiaonline.comhas games, you make up a profile... not like myspace you don't upload photos of yourself you just write a bit about yourself like your interests also make up an avi. you s... Read More »

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What are some fun websites for 13 year old girls?

Some really interesting websites - AWESOME - For the one who loves celebrities and dr... Read More »

What are some websites a 4 year old would enjoy?

www.nickjr.comwww.pbskids.orgIf it's a girl, try one of those barbie websites, with games in it. It's mostly about fashion and princessy things, but some little girls enjoy it, especially my niece.... Read More »

What are some good websites for 12 year old's?

Brainpop, my 10yr old sister likes it. It's informative and teaches a lot of things. Like recently she wanted to know about 9-11-01 and I thought the website did a good job explaining it.

Im a 17 year old guy and im in desperate need for some new fashionable clothes stores/websites?

these are some good shops:topmanjdnextmarks and spencersjohn lewisharrods(only if u can get to it)but u can get some cool clothes in supermarkets like:asdasainsburystescoi hope this helped