What are some fun things to talk about while texting?

Answer Well, right now i'm making fun of my friend because she can't decide on what to leave as her voice mail message. She says it has to be "perfect..." Ha. You can talk about anything while texting...m... Read More »

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How to Talk to a Girl by Texting?

Talking to a girl through text can be an interesting way to develop your relationship.

What are some future ways of communicating besides talk and texting?

How to Never Run out of Things to Talk About With Anyone?

If you're frightened that you will run out things to talk to others about, never fear. It is possible to reassure yourself that this won't happen and to find great things to talk about!

Fun Things to Talk About With a 7 Year Old?

Seven year olds are fun. They've learned to do amazing things in their time on earth. They are also developing complex thoughts and higher-level emotions. Conversations at this age serve as both e... Read More »