What are some fun things to do/make with excel?

Answer Depending on the version of MS-Excel you have, certain "Easter Eggs" are available to make the application more fun and interesting: Since most everything that on... Read More »

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What are some things people can do with an IP address?

It's nothing to be concerned about. When you connect to the internet via an ISP (Internet Service Provider), they issue you a public IP address out of a range that they own. You can think of it l... Read More »

What are some things I can do to help with my insomnia?

I too have insomnia and I huge part of it is because I think too much and can't turn off my thoughts to sleep. What really helps is listening to a book on tape, especially classic books that you ca... Read More »

What Are Some Cool Things I Can Make With Beads?

Whether you're a kid or adult, there are many cool things to make with beads. Beads come in a multitude of colors, materials, shapes and sizes that open up all sorts of design possibilities. You ca... Read More »

What are some vegitarian things to eatt with protein in it ?

Eggs, tofu, yogurt..especially Greek yogurt which is higher in protein, almonds, spinach. Do a google search for vegetarian protein sources. There will be lists with the grams of protein per food s... Read More »