What are some fun things to do in Boston when you are under 21?

Answer There is a lot to do in Boston if you ask questions like this, or simply go surfing online to places such ashttp://www.yelp.comI went to college in Boston a zillion years ago and loved every second... Read More »

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What are some things a driver under 25 can do to save on auto insurance?

Get one of those license plate covers that blurs your plate # when speeding through those red lights, the camera can't catch you then. Works for me.

What are some fun things to do with kids under the age of ten in the southwestern states in the US?

Well, i think that maybe let this one pass, because trust me that is not the worst that he could of said to you. My Brother has called me some nasty names. when he starts saying worse stuff that is... Read More »

What are some things to do when your bored at home?

I was just making this list from various cites online, i want to try and do them all before summer is over... :)Simple Boredom Fighters • Blow bubbles with bubble gum • Blow on a beer bottle â€... Read More »

What are some things to do in Switzerland when you have a baby?

A one year old would probably enjoy the lake in Zurich. It's full of ducks and Swans and they are fun to watch. I've also seen a lot of small kids on the boat tours and their eyes are wide open w... Read More »