What are some fun, messy activities to do with 1-3 year olds?

Answer Find a sponge shaped like a frog. After finger painting a white paper with the color of a lake have the children sponge on some frogs. Or use their fingers to make frogs. Let them design and shape ... Read More »

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What are some effective activities for achieving phonological awareness in 5 year-olds?

Try the following links :Emerging Phonological Awareness Differentiates Children with and ...Deficiencies in these children's phonological awareness skills were evident ever since the age when phon... Read More »

Messy Crafts for 4 Year Olds?

Four-year-olds are busy individuals with huge imaginations. Creative crafts may get messy at times, but are necessary to keep the child engaged in the activity. Working on crafts help the preschool... Read More »

What are some games or activities to play with a 9 year old and a 7 year old..?

it might help to try the following link;all the best

What are some unique and fun themes for 3 to 5 year olds?

How about:buttonspairsice creamacornsfeetthe 50's (or any decade)diversityPick a book and do a theme like "Where the Wild Things Are"HollywoodNight and DayBakeryBalloonsClothingCorn (or any food it... Read More »