What are some fun indoor activities for children aged 1 - 2?

Answer 1-2 year old handles a simple center rotation very well once they get the hang of it.How varied are your activities? What is your schedule? What do you do beyond coloring? Open-ended art- finger... Read More »

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Indoor Physical Education Activities for Elementary-Aged Students?

PE (Physical Education) is a main component of any elementary school student's life. Although most kids would rather run off their energy outside during PE, winter often brings frosty weather and n... Read More »

Music & Movement Activities for School-Aged Children?

With childhood obesity on the rise and children spending a lot of time in front of a computer or playing video games, it's important for teachers and parents alike to have children of all ages expe... Read More »

What are some restful indoor activities to do with children when they’re home sick from school?

Read with them. Nothing more soothing than someone's voice with you and a world to get lost in.Play games together that don't require strenuous activity like a card game. Give them a magic book/pac... Read More »

Indoor Valentine Game Ideas for the Middle Aged?

If you're a bit older and not interested in some of the Valentine's Day activities of your youth, consider putting together an indoor game for you and your honey on the big day. Ideas like scavenge... Read More »