What are some french children's shows?

Answer les schtroumpfs the smurfs

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What were some old childrens game shows?

All new episodes show every Saturday at 8PM but on August 30 I think Its the last one cause theres only 5 weeks and 4 have passed which means the 30th is the last one.

What are the most popular childrens TV shows?

tom and jerry, scooby... jetsons, gumbi...Rugrats was y favourite

What are the five most watched childrens' tv shows?

It was the end of January.It looks like we will not be having any Holiday's hoildays for a while.Mrs.Frizz was jumping in the classroom.And she said it was Aaustlia day.It was time for another file... Read More »

Who does sign langauge presenting on BBC childrens shows?

The actioncardgames are the best ones to date...Series 2 just came out. You can find more strategy guides and listings of all the different Bakugan with their G-power ratings and attributes at http... Read More »