What are some free proxies I can use at school to get onto Facebook?

Answer Proxies don't work anymore. The Web filters have all they need to block them as they are made. Sooner or later it will sink in.

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How could I access facebook at school if my school blocked the site and also block all proxies?

Yes, it is called hacking and usually carries heavy punsihments if caught. Bottom line, the sites are blocked for a reason, respect that and do your school work at school. Go to the blocked sites... Read More »

Can anyone plz tell me any new proxies to get on youtube and facebook much apprecciated rhx?

Please read this before trying to use a free proxy or VPN of any sort…

Fast working FREE internet proxies?

use 1 of the below1kiss1.comfunnyguyinschool.com69secrets.comiwantsecrets.comarewegoingout.comproxies get blocked very get Fresh Proxies right to your mail join the grouphttp://tech.groups... Read More »

What are the latest unblocked bebo proxies for school?

Try these proxies:http://mech7.infohttp://z360.infohttp://s360.infohttp://n360.infohttp://snap5.info