What are some foods(high calorie) easy to prepare?

Answer Noodles. A meal with lots of carbs is easy to prepare and will take a large potion of those calories.However. It's really more healthy to eat a meal with some vegetables or fruit and then if you st... Read More »

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What are some very low calorie snacks?

Answer The best low calorie snacks have a lot of "crunch," no fructose and perhaps a little protein. Try an apple, a small handful of almonds or other nuts (walnuts are higher calorie, but still no... Read More »

How to Make an Easy Low Calorie Dessert?

This easy to make pie only requires 15 minutes of preparation time. You can hardly tell it's sugar free and low fat.

What are some tasty low calorie chips or snacks?

Popcorn, lightly or no butter Blue Diamond Nut ThinsPopCorners chipsBeanitos black bean chipsPopchipsYou can also make your own chips with less ingredients so they'd be healthier. Another popular a... Read More »

What are some very low calorie foods that fill you up?

Cereal and soy milk, salad, and those little rice cake things that have no nutrional value but expand in your stomach and make you feel full.