What are some foods(high calorie) easy to prepare?

Answer Noodles. A meal with lots of carbs is easy to prepare and will take a large potion of those calories.However. It's really more healthy to eat a meal with some vegetables or fruit and then if you st... Read More »

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How to Make an Easy Low Calorie Dessert?

This easy to make pie only requires 15 minutes of preparation time. You can hardly tell it's sugar free and low fat.

Easy to make, low calorie breakfasts and snacks for school?

Here are some ideas for healthy breakfasts:Yogurt with granola and fruitScrambled eggs with toastOatmeal with a bananaToast with peanut butter and an orangeHealthy snacks:String cheeseCarrots and D... Read More »

I'm looking for low calorie homemade recipes for stir fry.. The pre made sauces are so fatty and high calorie?

Start with a broth base (veggie, beef, chicken, or whatever you like - water can be substituted but it will be less flavorful) and mix in as much minced garlic and ginger as you would like, some ch... Read More »

Can you eat whatever you want as long as the calorie total equal to your daily calorie goal?

You might get better advice in the fitness section. This is a complicated question as well.