What are some foods that work best on a diet?

Answer 1. Balanced consumption of high-protein food Daily high protein such as meat, milk, eggs, beans, fish should be balanced food. 2 pineapple, longan, guava fruit intake should not be too much... Read More »

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How to Add More Raw Foods to Your Diet?

By adding more raw foods to your diet you can get many health benefits including the ingestion of more raw fiber and vitamins. On the other hand, by not having to cook the food, you can (slightly) ... Read More »

Foods for a Wrinkle Free Diet?

Nutrition is an important factor in fighting wrinkles. As recently as the mid-1950s, a curious young scientist named Dr. Denham Harman began investigating the role that free radicals play in the ag... Read More »

What foods should I eat on the south beach diet?

The South Beach Diet was developed by cardiologist Arthur Agatson. It is frequently put in the same category as low-carb diets such as the Atkins Diet, though Dr. Agatson maintains the diet is not ... Read More »

Avoided Foods in a Soft Diet?

Comprised of soft, easily chewed and digested foods, a soft diet is used by those with mouth, throat or digestive issues. The soft foods make swallowing easier and less painful. There are several f... Read More »