What are some foods that can make u gain weight?

Answer mostly carbs like bread, pasta, donuts, rice

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Foods that gain weight FAST?

Calculate your BMR here…and then add about 300-500 calories a day to that.Do it with healthy foods though.Some suggestionsPeanut ButterProtein BarsProtein... Read More »

How to Gain Weight by Having the Right Foods?

To gain weight and obtain a muscular physique, you have to truly watch what you eat. These eight healthy weight gaining foods will supercharge your muscle building effort. Check the list!

Things That Make Women Over 30 Gain Weight?

If you fear packing on the pounds after you hit the age of 30, don't stress. If you keep calm and focus on your body and your health you can fight off the extra weight you may be seeing. Stressing ... Read More »

What is some ways I can gain weight?

To gain weight you have to eat more calories than you burn. When adding calories, try to stay away from adding too much fat. While you can get fat from eating carbohydrates or protein, your body li... Read More »