What are some foods that can lower cholestrol?

Answer There are many foods that can lower cholesterol. While selecting these foods, it is important to consider your diet as a whole, maintaining a healthy balance that will still allow you to optimize y... Read More »

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What are some ...natural .....foods, substances, herbs...that help lower blood pressure?

garlic, cinnamon, vegan diet, oregano.....but the best thing is a water only fast. But that is something you probably want to do lots of research on beforehand. If you are serious about it though... Read More »

I want to know what vitamins and supplements help diabetes and to lower blood sugar and cholestrol?

They need to fix their diets. Supplements are not going to fix the problem. Diet drives diabetic control. You can take all the pills and supplements and medications in the world, but if you do not ... Read More »

What are some foods to eat that feel like I'm cheating but really aren't "that" bad?

Here's the best way to do this, I've found. Stop dieting. Change your lifestyle. Aim for healthy MOST of the time, and don't beat yourself up for having a treat once in a while, or having a bad day... Read More »

What are some foods that seem like they are healthy that really aren't?

Milk. Cheese. Soy(too much of it). Tuna(from a can). Lettuce(non-organic). Dark chocolate. Cereal (with additives). Yoghurt(with additives). Drinks- Red wine. Juice(not freshly made).