What are some foods or meals that will keep me full?

Answer Bread expands in your stomach and will make you full, so have a nutella sandwich or something along the lines of that.

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Foods That Are Good to Eat & Keep You Full?

The foods you eat affect your health and overall well-being. A poor diet, high in fat and sugar and low in nutrients, can trigger weight gain, which can lead to obesity. An unhealthy diet can also ... Read More »

What are some good raw meals / super foods?

Start with salads. Chickpea salad, soyabean saladBest chickpea recipe :…soyabean salad :…also try quinoa pilaf.... Read More »

What Foods keep your stomach full longer?

You've seen some say high fiber, which means complex carbs. Others have said protein, such as meats, cheeses and nuts.In actuality, it's both, but the proteins need to be lean. Fats and carbs ping-... Read More »

Are there some known *healthy* foods that will help fill hunger pains?

Fresh fruit and vegetables would be your best bet. They have a lot of fiber in them, so you'll feel full for longer. Drink plenty of water too.