What are some foods everyone will like?

Answer Vegetarian spring rolls or rice paper rolls, mini samosas, nori rolls, a vegetarian pasta bake or lasagne, a potato salad, a crisp green salad, a bean salad, spanakopita (cheese and spinach triangl... Read More »

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What are some foods or meals that will keep me full?

Bread expands in your stomach and will make you full, so have a nutella sandwich or something along the lines of that.

During the spread of a real viral infection not everyone in the community will get the disease no matter how long it lasts .what might be some explanations for this?

. The reason not everyone in the community gets a disease is because some people have already gotten the disease and built immunity to the virus. For example when flu season comes around some peop... Read More »

In Hell, will everyone talk like Paula Deen, y'all?

Wow.Did you see the way she unhinged her jawbone?Very impressive..

How to Find a Theme for Your Sleepover That Everyone Will Like?

Having a hard time finding a theme for your sleepover? Well this should help you. If you find a good theme everyone should be happy!!!