What are some foods POOR people in Haiti make?

Answer While rice and beans is a staple in haiti, it can still be quite expensive for most people. A lot of haitians (even the ones who are better off) make a porridge called "Mayi Moulin" that is made f... Read More »

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How come some people who aren't even poor get a lot of Financial Aid money for School?

it depends on how many other kids they have in college. i know some whos parents make over 100k a year but they have 3 kids in college so they get more financial aid. also just because people seem ... Read More »

Who said the Philippines is a poor country with poor people?

I like these questions. It allows me to speak against the lazy people. We do have a lot of poverty. A lot of it is lack of jobs. Much of it is lazy people. The 25% that is talked about being at po... Read More »

What are some easy foods to make for vegatarians?

Hey, I know what you mean! I have lotsof things to eat now that I have gotten used to being a vegetarian. But at first I felt just like you.Sure there are replacements for meat. Just buy the veggie... Read More »

What are foods that you put together that some people say "eww" to?