What are some foods POOR people in Haiti make?

Answer While rice and beans is a staple in haiti, it can still be quite expensive for most people. A lot of haitians (even the ones who are better off) make a porridge called "Mayi Moulin" that is made f... Read More »

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Who said the Philippines is a poor country with poor people?

I like these questions. It allows me to speak against the lazy people. We do have a lot of poverty. A lot of it is lack of jobs. Much of it is lazy people. The 25% that is talked about being at po... Read More »

Since America's obsessed with weight,why is it that people still make poor choices with what they eat?

eating healthy takes an active conscious effort and it seems that the majority of the people here in the US are inherently lazy by nature. everyone is always looking for the "easy" way and the "q... Read More »

How many people speak French in Haiti?

According to Ethnologue, an encyclopedia of the world's known living languages, in 2004, 600 Haitians spoke French as their first language. French and Haitian, or Haitian Creole, are the two offici... Read More »

How can people adopt a child from Haiti?

By contacting a adopting agency working with international adoptions.There is still chaos on Haiti and have to make sure who the kids are before giving them away for adoption. Check with a adoption... Read More »