What are some folk remedies to hasten childbirth?

Answer Having sex can help bring on labor. Walk aroundCastor oil, swalloed, yucky, but supposedly works. Raspberry tea and sex are other "remedies" to bring on labor.Nipple Stimuation is another "remedy.... Read More »

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Can cataract surgery hasten the onset of macular degeneration?

On One Hand: Recent Research Says NoAccording to, a study that was published in 2009 reported that cataract surgery did not have any negative affect on macular degeneration. Their cla... Read More »

28082012-World Anger Day Contribution by Acupressure & Indian Natural remedies.Any other remedies?

so is this a question or telling us something. i think the second one. this is good information.

What does childbirth mean?

=== when a women give birth after going on their period cycle === === ===

What is a childbirth ob-gyn?

This sounds like an abbreviation for Obstetrics and Gynecology. If you are going to a doctor during pregnancy he/she is your Obstetrician and takes care of your health by running blood tests, blood... Read More »