What are some flowers starting with L?

Answer Lilac, Lotus, Lilly, Lantana

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What Tree or shrub has large fragrant white or yellow flowers starting with G?

Perhaps you're thinking of a Gardenia? They have very fragrant white blooms. I've never seen one with yellow blooms though.

Im going to a party the theme is letter D What are some things starting With D that i could go as?

What are some flowers that begin with the letter K?

kangaroo paw (native to Western Australia)kunzeakerriaKing proteaKings-Spear (see link for photo)kniphofia uvaria (torch-lily)KingcupKennediaKaffir LilyKing ProteaKorean lilacKoelreuteriaKolkwitzia

What are some tropical looking plants, trees or bushes with ORANGE flowers?

Cape honeysuckle (Tecomaria capensis), Freesia grandiflora, Crocosmia aruea, Tritonia disticha, Scadoxus puniceus, many of the aloes, Glads (Gladioulus dalenii), Ericas etc. to name a few.