What are some features of a safe physical child care environment?

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What are the effects of physical environment towards preschool child?

it can either be a negative effect or a positive one. example: if your child is in an environment where all the other children are yelling, screaming being disrespectful slowly but shortly your chi... Read More »

Why Is the Physical Environment Significant in Creating an Effective Classroom Environment?

The physical environment of a classroom helps to set the tone for the success of your students. Classroom setup is very important, especially for children in younger grades who spend most of the sc... Read More »

What are some of the physical characteristics that a child with Down syndrome will exhibit?

Your healthcare provider will be able to make the best recommendation based on your eating habits, nutritional needs, and how sensitive you are to what is in the vitamins.Answer:"Prenatal vitamins ... Read More »

What can the non custodial parent do if the custodial parent does not provide a safe environment for the child?

The child should be removed from an unsafe situation and the non-custodial parent should request temporary physical custody. If you do not have a lawyer you can go to the court in your state and ge... Read More »