What are some famous quotes by the Chickasaw Indian tribe?

Answer "This was the first time in history the Chickasaws have ever made war against an English speaking people." - Cyrus Harris, as Chickasaw troops march against Union forces during the American Civil W... Read More »

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What is a some good, famous quotes that I could use for my Gmail signature?

There's this really good Einstein one that's something like: "Only two things are infinite; space and human stupidity. But I am not sure about the former."Also,"It was the dog! The dog!" Gary La... Read More »

What tribe did Indian arrowheads originate?

Native Americans were hunter-gatherer tribes that lived in different tribes across the Western hemisphere. Since they used spears or bows, they all fashioned some sort of arrowhead. The first arrow... Read More »

What Are the Traditions of the Missouri Indian Tribe?

The Missouri people lived in Missouri, Kansas and Iowa. Their best-known village was located on the south bank of the Missouri River near its junction with the Grand River. The name Missouri means,... Read More »

What tribe did Indian arrowheads come from?

The first arrowheads, or spearheads, were made by the Clovis people. They are considered by anthropologists and archaeologists to be one of the first groups of people to cross the Bering Strait and... Read More »