What are some family icebreaking jokes?

Answer You know, my parents did that all the time. But once you think about it, your brother might be thinking the same way about you. Okay, this used to be my way: whenever my parents made me do the work... Read More »

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What are some 'Sesame Street' jokes? Wikid Funny.

What are some funny unique jokes I can tell at school tommorow?

If you're gay this is nothing against you! Really!A bear and a rabbit are walking in the forest when they come across an antique oil lamp. They rub it and *poof!* out pops a genie. He says, "you ea... Read More »

I need some prank calling jokes!?

The one that I've loved the most is when I called my friend's house and spoke to his brother saying that I was calling from a company that sold PORN vidz and that the shipment was delayed. The funn... Read More »

What are some family communication problems?

Family communication is how family members relate their thoughts, feelings, experiences and beliefs to one another. Family communication problems that cause significant issues and do not improve ma... Read More »