What are some facts about cameras?

Answer -Invented by George Eastman

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What are some facts about concrete?

Answer It is heavy. After it dries, it is hard.Actually, drying is not directly linked to hardness in concrete. After concrete is poured, putting it in a wet environment by spraying it constantly ... Read More »

What are some facts about animalia?

- Kingdom Animalia has over 2 million species- Animals respond to their environment- Animals are multicellular- Animals are eukaryotic- Most animals are motile- Animals obtain and use energy- All a... Read More »

What are some facts about flowers?

Flowers have long been cherished by humans for their beauty and symbolism. Insects and other animals depend on them for food.Flower PartsThere are countless species and varieties of flowers, but th... Read More »

What are some facts about the Marine Corps?

There are far too many facts about this extraordinary branch of the United States Armed Forces to begin to list them here. Below you will find a link to the official site of the U.S. Marines, and a... Read More »