What are some exotic flowers?

Answer Orchids, Proteas, Tiger Snake Vine, Portlandia domingensis. Here is a blog link with some interesting rare and exotic flowers described

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How to Draw Exotic Flowers?

There are so many beautiful kinds of exotic flowers. My choice was lotus. Play as much as you like when choosing colors. Note: You will need papers, pencils, pencil sharpener, razor gum, felt pen a... Read More »

What are some bad-smelling flowers?

There are many bad smelling flowers in the world. Some flowers don't smell at all.Here is a list of some bad smelling flowers:The orchids Bulbophyllum and PterostylisFlowers of carob trees (Ceraton... Read More »

What Are Some Cold Weather Flowers?

Choose flowers that withstand cold weather to have flowers in bloom earlier in the spring, to extend the garden season later into the fall or to have flowers in bloom outdoors during the winter. Ma... Read More »

What are some flowers starting with L?