What are some exercises i can do at home without any equipment...I'm poor!!!!!!!!!!!?

Answer Got a willing husband? I've always found that imaginative sex burns off load of calories and tones up muscles you forgot you had. It's much more fun than going to a gym and doesn't cost a penny! Al... Read More »

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What are some inexpensive ways to call Europe without a home phone?

google voice actually has some pretty competitive international rates... actually better than magic jacks international rates, and vonage would be too expensive for just the occasional internationa... Read More »

What are some of dilemmas that someone without adults at home might face?

Talk to them slowly and calm don't yell even if you're really mad because shouting will make you angrier, and, anyway, they're just little kids!

What are some good recipes for a poor college kid?

Homemade pot pieThis one is so easy it's ridiculous. 1pkg pre made pie shells. (you find them w/the biscuits.1pkg frozen mixed veg.1-2lb of meat of choice. (chicken,beef etc.)1large jar coordinatin... Read More »

What are some of your poor man dinner meals?

Wow, there have been some pretty good suggestions. We've done the American Chop Suey, and a cold tuna noodle thing (tuna and mayo mixed with cold noodles, it's extremely filling). The crockpot, as ... Read More »