What are some examples of shrubs?

Answer Shrubs are plants that are smaller then trees, and bigger than herbs. So things like hibiscus, gorse, lantana and hundreds of others are shrubs.

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What are some examples of non organic materials?

Answer Anything that doesn't contain carbon, such as water.

What are some examples of extended family?

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What are examples of some good houseplants?

Lucky Bamboo is a great house plant that needs very little care; a bit of water when it seems low and indirect sunlight.all depending on what you are really looking for. if you are looking for a la... Read More »

What are some examples of a detox diet?

Lemons sound cliche but they work best. Its not just just the high amount of vitamin c. Lemons have anti bacterial properties even in body. So not only do they boost the immune system the lemons th... Read More »