What are some examples of non-flowering plants?

Answer Some examples of non-flowering plants are: ferns, pine trees, mosses, isoetes, selgenella, adiantum, equisetum, and nephrolepis.

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What are some examples of flowering plants?

Fruit plants and any other flower plants such as Ipomoea, Sakura (cherry blossom).

What are some nice summer flowering plants Perennials?

Hi:There are a lot of different flowering shrubs and beautiful perennial flowers that you can plant. Here are a few:DianthusCarnationsGerber Daisies Balloon Flowers SedumThese are just a few everg... Read More »

What are some good flowering desert plants. Very hot & dry area. (no cactus please)?

I know what you want? Hot, dry is a few examples... leucophyllum, lavender. taxus, yew, achilles, yarrow, ceanothus, salavia (many types), rosemarinus officinalls, ... if I am on the ri... Read More »

Are there some vegetable or flowering plants that can be grown in basement apartments ( not in direct sunlight?

You really can't grow vegetables without some direct sunlight. but most houseplants will survive without much light. Ivy will grow with just artificial room light.