What are some electronic products that have failed?

Answer The BetaMax video fomat. HD-DVD format but they were more of industry failures. That hand crank flashlight comes to mind.

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Have American electronic products lost their reputation?

So called American electronics are inferior, most definitely. These companies that either exclusively manufacture for the US or those that were started in the US but no longer have anything to do w... Read More »

Where can i sell the electronic products iPhone 3G laptop?

No, sorry. The iPhone uses a SIM card... virgin mobile does not. I wanted to do this as well but it just isn't possible. What you could do is find out how to make your iphone prepaid through anothe... Read More »

Will consulting to big corporations regarding lighting or electronic products require insurance?

AnswerIf you are working with large comapnies they will generally require that you have insurance. Their specific demands may vary but typically you will see the following:General Liability Profess... Read More »

Why are most made-in-China electronic products cheaper to buy in US than in China?

Its a very complex thing . But I will try to make it simple.Usually the tactic is used when a country's domestic output of the good is falling and imports from foreign competitors are rising, parti... Read More »