What are some easy foods to make for vegatarians?

Answer Hey, I know what you mean! I have lotsof things to eat now that I have gotten used to being a vegetarian. But at first I felt just like you.Sure there are replacements for meat. Just buy the veggie... Read More »

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Do vegatarians eat these foods, ...,.,.,.,?

They would - Damn chicken 2 minute noodles are my favourite!!I don't eat beef noodles they are yuck!!If you put a bowl of potato chips in front of them with chicken salt half of them would have no ... Read More »

What are some foods(high calorie) easy to prepare?

Noodles. A meal with lots of carbs is easy to prepare and will take a large potion of those calories.However. It's really more healthy to eat a meal with some vegetables or fruit and then if you st... Read More »

What are some easy ways for college kids to make some money?

Get a second job (you could deliver newspapers, pass out flyers, work study at the school)Spend Friday and Saturday nights babysitting (as a parent I can tell you that babysitters aren't cheap any... Read More »

What are some foods POOR people in Haiti make?

While rice and beans is a staple in haiti, it can still be quite expensive for most people. A lot of haitians (even the ones who are better off) make a porridge called "Mayi Moulin" that is made f... Read More »