What are some easy foods to make for vegatarians?

Answer Hey, I know what you mean! I have lotsof things to eat now that I have gotten used to being a vegetarian. But at first I felt just like you.Sure there are replacements for meat. Just buy the veggie... Read More »

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Do vegatarians eat these foods, ...,.,.,.,?

They would - Damn chicken 2 minute noodles are my favourite!!I don't eat beef noodles they are yuck!!If you put a bowl of potato chips in front of them with chicken salt half of them would have no ... Read More »

Foods that are semi-healthy and easy to make?

To be and stay healthy:Breakfast: oatmeal & toast; cream of wheat & toast; dry cereal with milk;boiled egg or two; scrambled eggs;fried eggs; Fried egg sandwich,etc. sandwiches are fine too.Teenage... Read More »

Why do processed foods make me sick and natural foods make me feel better?

Processed foods have far too much salt and sugar in them. They have to think of different names for sugars so they can list them separately- like corn syrup .These raise blood pressure and blood su... Read More »

What are some foods(high calorie) easy to prepare?

Noodles. A meal with lots of carbs is easy to prepare and will take a large potion of those calories.However. It's really more healthy to eat a meal with some vegetables or fruit and then if you st... Read More »