What are some dumb things to do and put as Facebook statuses?

Answer Here is a couple good sites for FaceBook Statuses.http://statusforfacebook.comhttp://statuscrave.com

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Can anyone give me some awesome facebook statuses?

Is this for real? You can't come up with your own?How about : I'm a doucheChill I'm kiddingFor Real : Tired of Christmas music already.

What are some dumb things people have said or asked about your baby?

I have 3 boys (who I LOVE dearly. Boys are fun) but people constantly ask me "oh are you going to try again for a girl?" or "oh I bet you wish you had a girl" and it's like no actually I love havin... Read More »

What are some funny things to put on your facebook status?

What does kik mean in people's facebook statuses?

KIK is the new AIM..Its like aol instant messenger but for droids iphones and blackberris. Faster then texting