What are some drinks thatll help make you tired Warm milk, etc. ?

Answer Warm milk with nutmeg. Don't ask my why, but it works. The only thing I can think of is the lactose that swings the blood sugar ever slow slightly.

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Why do warm drinks make you tired?

Well thats an easy one.You see the soup or tea or coffee you eat/drink,well basically you consume the heat and thats what makes you tired.It happens easily.I almost fell asleep in the shower once c... Read More »

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Does milk make you tired?

Yes, there is tryptophan in milk which gets people sleepy. That is why it is suggested that you drink warm milk at night if you can't go to sleep."Do you know what tryptophan is? Tryptophan is a v... Read More »

Does warm chocolate milk make you sleepy?

I go to sleep faster with hot chocolate so if that works im sure your plan will work