What are some dishes that can be made that last a while?

Answer I make stews because I can eat left overs for days after wards. Meat, potatoes, carrots...boiled until a roux/liquor (gravy) develops. Good with rice. Baked whole chickens, turkeys, roasts...also l... Read More »

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What are DuraStone dishes made of?

According to Kitchenware on the Web, DuraStone dishes are made of stoneware, a particularly strong clay that becomes chip-resistant when fired at temperatures of 2185 degrees Fahrenheit. DuraStone ... Read More »

What are Corelle dishes made of?

All Corelle products have a glass core that is laminated and glazed for durability and strength. Corelle has several lines of dinnerware, which are made from "Vitrelle 1" or "Vitrelle 2." These p... Read More »

Where are correll dishes made?

Since the company launched in 1970, Corelle dinnerware products have been made in a factory located in Corning, New York. Headquarters for the company are based in Williamsburg, Virginia. As of 201... Read More »

Where are Pfaltzgraff dishes made?

Since the early 1800s, Pfaltzgraff pottery was made at a factory in Thomasville, PA. In 2005, the company was purchased by Lifetime Brands, Inc. and manufacture of the Pfaltzgraff line of products ... Read More »