What are some dishes that can be made that last a while?

Answer I make stews because I can eat left overs for days after wards. Meat, potatoes, carrots...boiled until a roux/liquor (gravy) develops. Good with rice. Baked whole chickens, turkeys, roasts...also l... Read More »

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What are some decent trucks, that are good on gas and will last a while!?

You mention full-size trucks; the mileage won't be great.If new, the showroom sticker will give mileage figures.For new or used, check KBB (Kelly Blue Book) for information on the internet.You can ... Read More »

What was the last song that made you say "WOW that is AMAZING"!!!?

Isis- So Did We…

What is one of the most unique dishes you've ever had (that you enjoyed), while dining?

What are some Indian dishes to try that don't have curry in them?

Butter Lamb Gravy905 g boneless lamb shoulder, cut into 1 inch pieces 1 g garam masala salt to taste 30 g butter, divided 1 onion, chopped 1 g ground turmeric (optional) 0.9 g minced ginger 1 g m... Read More »