What are some disadvantages of using fertilizers?

Answer Some let off harmful gases such as nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide, ammonia, nitrous oxides and more.

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Who uses fertilizers?

Fertilizers are used by farmers, horticulturists and household gardeners. According to Nation Master in 2010, Ireland uses more fertilizers than any other country, followed by the Netherlands and E... Read More »

What are fertilizers made of?

Lawn and garden fertilizers contain nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, and the most prevalent active ingredient of fertilizer is nitrogen. Both organic and chemical fertilizers contain these nutr... Read More »

What Problems Can Fertilizers Cause?

Fertilizer is a substance or mixture, made from either synthetic or organic methods, used to make soil more fertile. Fertilizer contains the three primary macronutrients nitrogen, phosphorus and po... Read More »

Why Do Plants Need Fertilizers?

Plants require a combination of elements to thrive: sunlight, moisture and the right balance of nutrients. Just as human beings may take vitamin supplements to offset deficiencies in diet, plants m... Read More »