What are some non-common sense things your husband/boyfriend/fiance does with your baby?

Answer wow!!!! you guys can get your men to change a nappy?!?!?!you all should think yourselves lucky! my man likes to be the fun but lazy parent. my daughter is 7mos and has been on solids since 4mos. i ... Read More »

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What are cute things to draw on your converse?

OMFG! I like so did that. I have *gets shoe*:song lyricsstarslightening boltsrainbowsraincloudsstick menbuildingscheckerboard thingstripesemoticons style facescomic stuffand theres loads of persona... Read More »

What cute things has your baby done lately?

I have so many, but one from just a minute ago. I was putting my 3 year old daughter to bed. I touched the top of her head, and ran my fingers down to her toes, and I told her I love her from her... Read More »

What cute things does your baby do while breastfeeding?

My little girl is 13 weeks old and she grins at me with a mouth full of boob, she also gets this drunk look, I think it's hilarious because it's breast milk not vodka she's drinking.

What cute things have your little ones done recently?

Too cute!My daughter is two years old and putting her to bed has always been a struggle. Especially since she figured out how to climb out of her crib. Well last night I heard her pulling on her do... Read More »