How to Say Simple Words in Spanish?

Answer Even saying simple words in Spanish can be difficult when approaching the language from an English-speaking perspective. It is not simply a matter of using different words for everyday conversation... Read More »

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How to Pronounce Spanish Words?

The first step to learning Spanish might be understanding the pronunciation of parts of the alphabet. Learning any new language has its up-front work. Before the grammar and syntax, there are a few... Read More »

How many words are in the spanish dictionary?

As the Spanish language, like English, continues to add words every year, no single dictionary contains all of the language's vocabulary. However, the fourth edition of the Oxford Spanish Dictionar... Read More »

How do I add accents to Spanish words?

Character MapClick "Start" on the lower left corner of the desktop. Select "All Programs." Click "Accessories," then click "System Tools." Double-click "Character Map." Click to open the drop-down ... Read More »

Common Spanish Words Used in English?

The English language is a collection of many different languages. Some of the words we know and use everyday are actually from other cultures. With large Hispanic populations in many English speaki... Read More »