What are some creative ways a girl can masturbate Girls only!?

Answer i looked it up on google. but has some good tips. some of them i wouldn't recommend you doing but i am 14 and i have been masturbating for a week..

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What are some creative ways to masturbate?

Two of my ex-girlfriends love the bathtub faucet. I'm going to describe it without being inappropriate. You lay on your back in the bathtub, spread your legs, and rest them on the tiled wall behi... Read More »

New ways to masturbate?

It's called "The Blended Orgasm"The best way to start is by lying on your back comfortably and letting your body de-stress.When you feel relaxed, begin manually stroking your clitoris lightly. As y... Read More »

I don't get how girls masturbate..........?

just slide hand down, slip finger inside outer vulva lips, feel for your clitoris and rub gently around that area. as pleasure feelings increase try rubbing a bit harder, and keep up a rhythm. once... Read More »

Do a lot of girls masturbate?

Lol yes. It's not true that girls don't want sex a lot, we get feelings too..maybe just not as often as a guy would. Hey, it feels great. Why wouldn't we? If guys can, girls should be able to as we... Read More »