What are some creative vegan lunches and snacks I can bring to college/work:]?

Answer Hummus and veggies!

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What are some vegan snacks you can get from snacks you can get from sainsburys/tesco?

Get some lite read and some spread and top with cheese, tomato egg or any other of those healthy toppings you allow yourself to eatDune

Cheapest lunches,dinners,and snacks?

Ramen noodles, canned soups, and canned pastas are probably the cheapest.Hot dogs & french fries are also very cheapSpaghetti & tomato sauceEgg salad sandwichesPeanut butter & jelly sandwichesWhen ... Read More »

Healthy vegetarian lunches I can bring to college?

Lots of variations with wraps, ie* Chickpea Salad (a can of chickpeas, a little Light Ranch for the consistency you like, a little Dijon and some sweet relish, salt & pepper and mix together) add s... Read More »

Why don't schools offer a vegetarian or vegan lunches?

- Costs more to make foods that are not processed - and processed foods are very likely to have some animal derived ingredients in them (i.e. french fries with meat extracts or lipase in them)- Tak... Read More »