How to Use Cheesy Pickup Lines?

Answer The truth is, girls think you are cute and funny if you use a cheap pickup line, but don't get carried away or it could ruin your chances with her. This article will list some cheap pickup lines, s... Read More »

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Are these lyrics corny?

Hi,I think you are on the right track. By that I mean you wrote something! You put your feelings down!I would say continue, if this is what you want to do.The song writing skills get better and bet... Read More »

Hmm is this too corny fpr a tattoo?

Ok.I do not agree with anyone who says you shouldn't get a tattoo. I have a few tattoos. Every tattoo I have means something very special to me. My first one was of a butterfly on my back of my gr... Read More »

Would it be corny to make this my profile pic?

How to Make Corny Mango Salmon?

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